Atari VCS Games Will Retail For Under 25 USD

Atari VCS Games Will Retail For Under 25 USD

The Atari VCS is an upcoming ‘hybrid’ PC/recreation console releasing later this yr, powered by a Ryzen R1606G APU paired with Eight GB DDR4 RAM and running a custom department of Debian Linux aptly named Atari OS. The unique instrument will face tricky competitors in opposition to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 this vacation season priced at 279 USD. The instrument can’t compete in specifications, so Atari will target the niche boutique recreation market. The Atari retailer will cap video games at 25 USD and firstly focal point on indie developers and retro video games with plans to eventually offer AAA video games down the line.

Michael Arzt

Titles in Atari’s retailer are expected to be mighty more sensible, with prices ranging wherever from $three to $25, with no charges imposed by Atari for on-line salvage entry to.

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