DirectStorage API Works Even with PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSDs

DirectStorage API Works Even with PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSDs

Microsoft on Tuesday, in a developer presentation, verified that the DirectStorage API, designed to velocity up the storage sub-system, is compatible even with NVMe SSDs that use the PCI-Express Gen 3 host interface. It also confirmed that all GPUs suitable with DirectX twelve help the characteristic. A feature building its way to the Personal computer from consoles, DirectStorage permits the GPU to immediately access an NVMe storage unit, paving the way for GPU-accelerated decompression of game belongings.

This performs to reduce latencies at the storage sub-procedure stage, and offload the CPU. Any DirectX 12-appropriate GPU technically supports DirectStorage, according to Microsoft. The company on the other hand endorses DirectX 12 Final GPUs “for the greatest practical experience.” The GPU-accelerated activity asset decompression is handled by means of compute shaders. In addition to minimizing latencies DirectStorage is said to speed up the Sampler Responses function in DirectX twelve Ultimate.

Much more slides from the presentation adhere to.

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