Enmotus, Company Behind Original StoreMI, Launches FuzeDrive NVMe SSD

Enmotus, Company Behind Original StoreMI, Launches FuzeDrive NVMe SSD

Enmotus is the corporate in the support of the FuzeDrive tool on which the common AMD StoreMI technology is primarily based entirely, which juggles files among your varied physical storage devices in conserving with warmth (frequency of entry), bettering efficiency. The company has now attain up with its first hardware-product, the FuzeDrive NVMe SSD. Constructed in an M.2-2280 set aside-ingredient, the pressure affords 1.6 TB of capacity, and combines a Phison E12-collection controller with ninety six-layer 3D QLC NAND flash reminiscence. The pressure takes impartial correct thing about PCI-Teach gen 3.zero x4.

Efficiency numbers of the FuzeDrive 1.6 TB SSD as rated by its makers encompass up to about a,470 MB/s sequential reads, up to about a,000 MB/s sequential writes; and an patience score of 5,000 TBW. The pressure uses a 128 GB SLC cache to streak up write efficiency in reasonable bursts. There’s extra to this pressure than right its laborious-product, Enmotus comprises tool that juggles files between the 128 GB pseudo-SLC and QLC areas; and naturally the FuzeDrive tool that helps you to manufacture volumes of up to fifteen TB in measurement by throwing in fastened physical drives of any shape and measurement. Enmotus is pricing the FuzeDrive 1.6 TB NVMe SSD at $349.

Change Jul third: We’ve got realized through Enmotus that this pressure has a eternal 128 GB SLC cache that’s unfamiliar of the 1.6 TB QLC user-direct. We imagine this pressure is presumably a 2 TB QLC pressure, whereby a quarter of the user direct is permanently assigned to work as SLC, with 30,000 P/E cycles. The FuzeDrive firmware transfers sizzling files between the SLC and QLC areas of the pressure.

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