EVGA Reveals that Bad Soldering Was the Culprit behind Bricked RTX 3090 Cards

When Amazon Studios released the shut beta for their future New Globe MMO end users started to report that the recreation was resulting in catastrophic failure of their RTX 3090 graphics cards. This problem appears to have disproportionately afflicted EVGA cards with initial evaluation indicating that the cause could have been with the supporter controller malfunctioning evident by the terrible readings gained from third-social gathering monitoring tools. This actions was determined to not be the induce of card failures with monitoring working appropriately when applying the EVGA Precision X1 computer software. EVGA located that the fan controller difficulty was relevant to sounds on the conversation bus which their software package could filter out and have released a micro-controller update that fixes checking with third-party instruments.

The trigger of the useless playing cards has now been determined by EVGA to be the final result of a exceptional soldering issue constrained to a tiny batch of cards. EVGA executed X-ray evaluation on a collection of broken playing cards returned to them and discovered that the soldering all over the MOSFET circuits experienced “bad workmanship”. EVGA also confirmed that this concern was only present on early output operates in 2020 and affects considerably less than one % of all the RTX 3090 playing cards manufactured by the company. Amazon Game Studios have also extra a body limiter to New Environment that will make sure this issue won’t appear in new variations of the game.

EVGAAll of the cards were before output run playing cards produced in 2020. Less than an X-ray evaluation, they show up to have “weak workmanship” on soldering all-around the card’s MOSFET circuits that driven the impacted playing cards.

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