Massive Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Update Fixes Tons of Bugs, Adds Raytracing for AMD

Massive Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Update Fixes Tons of Bugs, Adds Raytracing for AMD

This article serves as a way to sate my curiosity: does any person even treatment about Cyberpunk 2077 anymore, or was the release point out of the activity (and the terrible media surrounding it and CD Projekt Purple) enough for people to overlook what probable was the world’s most predicted recreation at any time? Even though this editor had loads of enjoyment participating in the sport in a PS4 Pro technique, these was not the situation for several, numerous players – and especially for PS4 players, who couldn’t even purchase the game from the PS keep soon after a certain position, and still are not able to. CD Projekt Purple has, given that the game’s release, introduced 11 patches that fixed a myriad of bugs and optimized the games’ functionality – but a ton of troubles nevertheless continue to be, and remained.

Now, update one.two, the second in the two important bug-fixing updates for the video game, is remaining ready for key-time, and there is certainly a veritable laundry listing of fixes on present. The intention is for this update to remedy most of the fundamental, fixable troubles that really don’t involve transforming of core gameplay aspects of the sport, paving the way for the approaching free DLC and downloadable expansions which are sure to be coming – at minimum a person during 2021 appears not only plausible, but very most likely. But is this sufficient? Do you still have religion in this activity and hope CD Projekt Pink pulls a No Man’s Sky from Cyberpunk 2077? Or is it significantly away in your rearview mirror, abandoned in a dystopian placing? In possibly case, the full checklist of fixes follows immediately after the break just looking at it is a lot more than more than enough information and facts to see the state of the match now, nearly four months right after launch. Two issues to position out: raytracing is now supported on AMD graphics playing cards, with the newest drivers and you will find an exciting “and several a lot more” in the stop of the patch notes.

Update 19:36 UTC: The patch is reside now! Download measurement is all-around thirty GB.

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