NVIDIA to End “Kepler” Support with R470 Drivers, 9 Years After Release: Support Roadmap

NVIDIA is arranging to stop releasing driver updates to the “Kepler” era of GPUs with the R470 driver series, according to a enterprise driver assistance roadmap. Current Software program Assistance Matrix tables for datacenter GPUs, expose, that the R470 motorists, introduced in 2021, will be the remaining driver updates to the “Kepler” architecture, finishing nine (!) yrs of driver updates since the architecture’s 2012 debut. Help for the older “Fermi” finished with R390. A roadmap diagram also points out the different branches under which NVIDIA motorists are developed and unveiled.

Whilst the roadmap predominantly refers to information-middle GPUs, it truly is really very likely that assist for the GeForce GTX 600 “Kepler” sequence will end with GeForce R470 drivers, far too, if not quicker. As of this writing, the present GeForce R465 collection drivers do assistance GTX 600 sequence “Kepler,” even if not all day-just one activity optimizations are used all the way back to this collection.

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