(PR) Diversify Your EK-Quantum Torque Fittings With Colored Compression Rings

EK, the quality water cooling gear producer, is introducing a huge variety of Quantum Torque coloured Compression rings. The compression rings arrive in six-packs and only include the locking (compression) rings in the selected color. The total Torque delicate (STC) and tough (HDC) fitting selection gets the similar shade choices, pairing these new coloured compression rings with Torque Colored Aesthetic rings provides buyers infinite opportunities in mixing and matching shades.

Out there shades:

  • Nickel, Eco-friendly, Gold, Purple, Blue, Red, Black

These top quality compressing rings are unique to the EK-Quantum Torque collection fittings. The ring with a nickel finish is manufactured of nickel-plated CNC machined brass, while the Black, Environmentally friendly, Gold, Pink, Blue, and Purple are designed of CNC machined aluminium. The compression ring has cutouts in the EK Quantum signature form allowing for the coloured aesthetic ring to be revealed. These colored rings are readily available in many shades and are screwed onto the fitting just before the compression locking ring. They are offered individually.

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