(PR) Synology Investigates Ongoing Brute-Force Attacks From Botnet

(PR) Synology Investigates Ongoing Brute-Force Attacks From Botnet

Synology PSIRT (Products Protection Incident Response Staff) has recently observed and acquired stories on an enhance in brute-power attacks from Synology equipment. Synology’s security scientists believe the botnet is principally pushed by a malware spouse and children termed “StealthWorker.” At current, Synology PSIRT has noticed no indication of the malware exploiting any computer software vulnerabilities.

These attacks leverage a selection of by now infected units to try out and guess widespread administrative credentials, and if thriving, will access the process to put in its destructive payload, which may incorporate ransomware. Equipment contaminated may carry out extra assaults on other Linux based equipment, such as Synology NAS.

Synology PSIRT is operating with pertinent CERT organizations to uncover out more about and shut down identified C&C (command and control) servers guiding the malware. Synology is simultaneously notifying likely afflicted clients.

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